Нежные уй-юй
Чашка на 450 ml, 46$
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Dear foreign friends.

This time, for technical reasons, I was unable to translate the site and the items in this order form into English. Also all prices are shown in rubles. To get the price in dollars, you need to divide the price in rubles by 75. In spite of this, you can order my сups in any country and pay with a credit card. Delivery costs 30 $.

To purchase, you need to complete a kind of quest and fill in the fields below)

1. First, select "Worldwide delivery 30 $".
2. Then write your city in the "Город" field.
3. Enter your full name in the "Получатель (ФИО полностью)" field.
4. Write your full address in the "Адрес" field.
5. Fill the "phone" and "email" fields.

I hope full translation will be ready for the next shop update.

Thank you.
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